Bachelorette Party Games
Bachelorette Party Games There are so many bachelorette party games on the market now that party goers have a hard time selecting or knowing which ones are the best and most quality. Whether you are a novice planner or a seasoned diva, we have listed the top bachelorette party games for you to review below that may be the right ones for you and the girls. We will continue to add more bachelorette party games to the page that we feel are noteworthy in helping provide you a fun choice of activities that will make for a very memorable time with the girls.
Bachelorette Party Games
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Bachelorette party games are a great way to make any bachelorette party a major success! Bachelorette party games can lighten up a party, create laughter, and many memories of a lifetime.

1) Bachelorette Scavenger Hunt T-Shirt - This one size fits most t-shirt has a list of scavenger hunt items to select. Whether the shirt tells the bachelorette to dance with a man, this shirt comes with a pen to check off all the items.

2) Pin the Macho on the Man - The adult version of "Pin the Tail on the Donkey", this game is great for everyone to participate with whether at a house or on a trip with the girls! Every girl gets a different color and sized "piece" to pin on the man after being spun around. Make sure to take tape with you since the pieces are paper and need tape!

bachelorette party games

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It's 'PayBack' time for all the catcalls you have received for all these years. The girls will have a Blast with this package!
bachelorette party games
bachelorette party games
3) Trivia Napkins - Besides wiping the food or tequila off of your lips, these napkins are great since they have a different bachelorette question on each of them! Each package of 25 napkins has a list of questions inside to see who knows the Bachelorette and her Husband-to-Be the best!

4) Pecker Toss - Just like the classic "Horse Shoe Toss" this game has a different stake that hooks the rings! This game is great to play while getting ready to go out with the girls. Bet on who will buy each other shots as you toss the rings!

5) Scavenger Hunt Dare Card Game - These deck of cards have questions for each person to do. Earn points for following the card's instructions/dares like "Collect A Condom From a Guy" -15 points, "Dance With A Married Man" - 10 points, etc. Whoever has the most points at the end of the evening wins! (Comes with complete rules).

6) Bachelorette Scratch A Dare Game - Have the girls take one of 12 game cards which gives a dare telling them "What" to do, "Who" to do it with and "How" to do it by scratching off one of three selections. This scratch a dare game is a great ice breaker when in or out of town.

7) Spin For A Dare Game - This spinner will be the life of the party as you have men take turns doing what the dare states. "Buy me (bachelorette) a drink", "Dance with Me" and many more. A great game to play when you are out on the town and very cheap fun!

8) Male Nudie Doodle Pad - These sketch pads have the man's genitals missing. See what girl is the most creative in drawing what is missing! A lot of quick and easy fun for everyone!

9) Male Rating Cards - It's 'PayBack' time for all the whistles you have received for all these years. The girls will have a Blast with this package of 8 (5.5" x 8.5") rating cards. Hold up these huge cards to "rate the guys" while they walk by or while dancing with the Bachelorette!

10) Pecker Pop Guns - Have each girl walk around with these pop guns in the form of a pecker. Give the balls a good squeeze and the penis head flies across the room! Team up with the girls and go after the man of choice!

Honorable Mention:
Below we have listed a few other great bachelorette party games that we feel are worth mentioning! All of these bachelorette party games can be found on bachelorette party fun!

Bachelor Party Game11) Bachelorette Mad Libs - If you love the old version of mad libs, you will love this bachelorette party game version that will have all the girls laughing and playing along. This game is easy to take with you no matter where you are and can be played in a bachelorette party limo, hotel, home party or just about anywhere!

12) Pick Up Dicks - If you loved the old version of pickup sticks, you will love playing this adult version that is just as fun and even more of a great game while at your last night out. Have girls play on teams and drink whenever you move the wrong piece. The bachelorette party game comes in a cute willie tin that can be used for serving finger food! You can also use the pieces as bachelorette party decorations when you are finished.

13) Bachelorette Picture It Game - If you love the game of Pictionary, you will love this bachelorette version. Draw a diamond ring, Bridal Bouquet, Leg Garter and more. Everyone will have fun no matter if the bachelorettes can draw or not!

14) Mr. Dik Head - Just like the game Mr. Potato Head, this adult version will have all the girls laughing and enjoying the creativity of adding pieces to their Willie. Get a few and give prizes for the bachelorette party team that makes the cutest Mr. Dik head. Have your little man keep you company on your last night out! Also makes a great bachelorette party decoration.

15) Mr. Happy Balloon - This bachelorette party game is loads of fun. Blow up the thin pink balloon and place the face stickers on the balloon to create Mr. Happy Willie! Get a few balloons for a bachelorette party game and give out points to the best creation. Also makes great bachelorette party decorations when completed with the game.

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